What is PetPulse?

With the PetPulse app in your pocket you will have all the important information about your pets to hand – everywhere. The app contains a health book, calendar, a health library with animal related information and more.

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With PetPulse on your mobile you will have all the important information about your pets to hand. Try it now - it's free.

Find your way
in the jungle

PetPulse will guide you to health information you can trust, important news, activities and events you don't want to miss. It is all adapted to you and your pets.


Never forget worming, a vaccine or tick treatment again. Receive reminders of your next visit to the vet, events for you and your pet and more.

Health book

With PetPulse all your animals get their own health book on your mobile. Here you will find their journal, medication, food and supplements, weight etc.

Health library

PetPulse contains a large library with information for pet owners. The information is quality controlled and adapted to you and your pet.


In the event of an accident or other serious incidents, you will quickly be able to find the information you need in PetPulse's SOS solution.


With PetPulse it is easy to report your pet as missing. All PetPulse users nearby will be alerted immediately, hopefully helping to reunite the animal with their owners as quickly as possible.

Clinical records

Keep track of your visits to the vet, vaccinations, treatments etc. An invaluable tool to monitor on your pet's health.


Sometimes our pets need medication. Manage the dosages and develop a routine for the medicine usage.

Food, supplements and care products

A good diet is also important for our pets. With PetPulse you will be able to keep up to date with food and supplements for your pets.


Keep an eye on your pets' weight. Weight monitoring is important when dieting, training and to prevent illnesses.


You can register your pet as a blood- and organ donor. An invaluable tool that can save many animal lives in the future.

Book a vet appointment

Link up with your regular vet through PetPulse and be in direct contact with them. Book your next vet appointment with the click of a button.

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Would you like to help shape the digital future of animal health? Are you a vet or a vet nurse, or do you work in the pet trade?

PetPulse is for those who would like to reach pet owners in an efficient manner with information about services and products which will help them take good care of their pets. If you would like to get in touch with pet owners, reduce administrative costs and help the environment, PetPulse is for you. 

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PetPulse is a product made by pet lovers, just like you.


What do you get when you mix two passionate and dedicated veterinarians with two enthusiastic designers? You get the PetPulse Team!

The idea for PetPulse had its origin in the cooperation between our two businesses. We have combined the expertise across our respective fields and hope you like it.

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